50 museums in Croatia with pictures and location

Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka
For four decades now, this museum has been one of the most important cultural heritage sites in the city of Rijeka. In addition to its valuable permanent exhibition and many valuable exhibitions, the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka can be commemorated...
Faust Vrančić Prvić Memorial Center
On the island of Prvić, his childhood was spent by a Croatian polyhistor, linguist and inventor, diplomat, engineer, priest and bishop - Faust Vrančić. His family's summer residence is still preserved today and is located in Prvic Sepurine. The last descendants of this famous noble...
Mimara Museum Zagreb Croatia
Mimara Museum Zagreb The Mimar Museum in Zagreb is one of the richest museums in terms of exhibits. It was founded by a donation from collector Ante Topić Mimara, and opened to the public in 1987. Today, the Museum is housed in the neo-Renaissance building of the former gymnasium,...
Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria
PPMI is an acronym for the History and Maritime Museum of Istria. It is a specialized museum of regional scope. The Museum operates as a public cultural and scientific institution, performing museum activities under the Law on Museums in the Republic of Croatia and operates in the territory...
National Museum Zadar Croatia
The Zadar National Museum is located in four different locations: Zadar City Museum at: Poljana Pape Aleksandra III bb Ethnological Department - City Guard: Narodni trg, Zadar Rector's Palace: Poljana Sime Budinica 3, Zadar Art Gallery, Natural Sciences Department: Meduliceva...
Archaeological Museum Zagreb
The Zagreb Archaeological Museum was created from the National Museum, which was founded in 1836. Subsequently, in 1866 it became the Earth Institute of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, and was administered by the JAZU and the Parliament. During this period, the Museum was divided into...
Betina Museum of Betina and Wooden Shipbuilding
Betina Museum of Betina and Wooden Shipbuilding
Museum of Broken Relationships Zagreb
The Museum of Broken Relationships is special and unusual. He is dedicated to unsuccessful love relationships. A very interesting topic and story that we actually find difficult to relate to museums as we know it. However, this Museum also has its own story, audience and is world famous. The...
Museum of Torture Zagreb
TORTUREUM - The Museum of Torture is a place where we offer our visitors a realistic (as much as possible) look at a unique collection of torture and execution devices from ancient times to the present. Today we have more than 70 different instruments and devices in our collection, which...
Archaeological museum Split price hours
Interestingly, it is the oldest museum in Croatia. Yes, so - The Archaeological Museum in Split is the oldest museum in Croatia. It was founded in 1820 by the decree of the Dalmatian government in Zadar. The first director was physician and archeologist Frano Lanza. Just like other institutions...
Croatian Museum of Tourism Opatija
The Croatian Museum of Tourism is located in a 170-year-old villa, in the heart of Opatija's Angiolina Park. The Museum tells the history of tourism in Croatia, but also the impact of tourism on all of us, in the modern age we live in. The museum reflects the change in our cities,...
Senj City Museum Croatia
The Senj City Museum is housed in the palace of the Vukasović family. The mentioned family was one of the most respected and influential Senj noble families. The palace where the Museum is located was built between the 14th and 15th centuries in a Gothic-Renaissance style. The Senj...
Dubrovnik Archeological Museum
The Dubrovnik Archaeological Museum does not have its permanent space and exhibit. There is only a temporary allotted room for use, with a smaller handy library. For now, the museum's structure is divided into seven collections, but we will mention the more interesting ones. The...
Cultural and Historical Museum in the Rector's Palace - Rector's Palace Dubrovnik
Welcome to Dubrovnik's largest museum. Yes, the Museum of Culture and History is the largest museum in Dubrovnik. The museum is located in the Rector's Palace. The museum has many collections, so we will single out some of them. The museum has collections of furniture, icons,...
Museum of Krapina Neanderthals Croatia
For many, this Museum is the most interesting in the whole of Croatia. The new Museum of Krapina Neanderthals is located near the world-famous site of Krapina Neanderthals "Hušnjakovo", together with which it makes a unique whole for the tour. The architecture of the Museum...
Croatian Museum of Natural History Zagreb
The Croatian Museum of Natural History is housed in a historic noble palace, and is one of the largest (and richest in exhibitions) museums in Croatia. From 1797 to 1834, the first Zagreb Public Theater, the famous Amadeo Theater, operated in the same palace. The very beginnings of...
Zagreb 80's Museum
The Zagreb 80's Museum is located on the first floor of an old building in the historic part of the city. The museum was designed to take the past in a new way. The museum space is a kind of reconstruction of the everyday life of the Zagreb family, done in a special and completely...
Croatian Museum of Naive Art Zagreb
The Croatian Museum of Naive Art was officially named in 1994. However, the Museum has been operating since long ago, so today it has around 1900 works of art (paintings, statues, drawings and prints) in its rich holdings. These are mostly works of art by Croatian artists. It all began...
Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb
Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb was founded on February 17, 1880. The establishment of this institution came about at the initiative of the Society of Arts and its then president Izidor Krsnavi. The museum was one of the first institutions of...
Typhlological Museum Zagreb
Zagreb Typhlological Museum The Typhlological Museum is special in many ways, so we will present it below and provide you with important information that may interest you and "invite" you to visit. This Museum is one of the few special museums in Europe. The Typhlological...
Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum Zagreb
Technical Museum - Museum of Nikola Tesla Zagreb
Old Village Kumrovec Museum
Cres island museum Cres island Croatia
Apoksiomen Museum Mali Losinj
Museum of Illusions Zagreb
Museum of the City of Rijeka Croatia
Makarska Crab and Shellfish Museum
Museum Memorial Center Dražen Petrović
Museum Lapidarium Novigrad
Poreč Local Museum Croatia
Pazin City Museum Croatia
Torpedo Museum Rijeka
Rijeka Museum of Natural History
Museum of the City of Crikvenica
Betina Museum of Betina och trävarvsindustri
Museum of Homeland War Dubrovnik
Ethnographic Museum Dubrovnik
Zagreb City Museum
Croatian History Museum Zagreb
Ethnographic Museum Zagreb
Varaždin City Museum
Kaštela City Museum Croatia
Croatian Railway Museum Zagreb
Aquarium & Museum of Maritime Tradition...
Mushroom Museum Zagreb
Croatian Maritime Museum Split
Malacological Museum Makarska Croatia
Home of Marin Držić Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Museum of Natural History
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