63 hidden Beaches in Croatia with pictures and location

Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis Croatia
On the island of Vis, perhaps, is the most impressive beach in Stiniva bay. It is very popular, especially because of its appearance and rocks surrounding this beach. It is little to say that the rocks are inaccessible. When you look at the photos you will understand what we mean. Still,...
Stijene Pasjača Beach Popovići Croatia
The Pasjača Beach, or the Old Rock of Pasjača, is a place seemingly unattractive but can still come and enjoy it. Whoever loves a natural environment, a little privacy and less crowds, let it come to our beach and enjoy your vacation. The beach is very isolated, but it still has a small...
Pritisčina Beach - Vis
If you go on a small road from Podhumlje to the south, you will get to Pritisčina beach. It is smaller than the beach, with gravel and bigger boulders, with large cliffs on both sides. Plunged into the rocks of the Pritisčina beach has a natural look and beauty. The sea is extremely...
Veli Žal Beach, Dugi Otok pictures
Veli Žal is another beach on Long Island. It is a pebble beach in front of the islet of Mežanj. The beach is located on the uninhabited part of Dugi Otok, and overlooks the open sea. If you go to Veli Žal, just follow the well-marked asphalt road, and after a short walk you are on the...
Cove Žanja Cres
Another hidden and natural bay that plagues with beauty, not far from the beautiful bay of Sv. Ivan Cres. The most frequent guests are sailors and those who come by organized sea transport. Still, there are hiking trails for mountaineers and people skilled for long walks on uneven terrain....
Beach Velika Duba Živogošće - Blato
This beach is also called Dubai Beach, and the reason is its enchanting beauty. The contrast that gives the beach together with the sea and the surrounding greenery is difficult to describe. Perhaps it is better not to waste too much words for this beach. We fear that the text will not...
Lučišća cove beach Sveta Nedjelja Hvar Croatia
Lučišća bay beach is a beautiful cove located about two kilometers north of Sveta Nedjelja on the island of Hvar. The beach is very small and can not be received by a large number of people, but fortunately it is very difficult to reach, mostly not being flooded. It is necessary...
Golden Bay Beach or Velo Čelo, Krk
The Golden Bay Beach, or some of them called Velo Čelo and Biškupići, is a beautiful gravel bay situated on the west coast of the island of Krk, a few kilometers north of Old Baška. Because of the great steep foot, it is not possible to reach the beach so the only approach...
Beach Cove Klancac Brseč Croatia Istria
Beach - Klančac bay Brseč is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. A beautiful small beach with clear waters with a gentle incline. There are no service facilities on the beach and there is no parking space close to the beach. On three sides surrounded by rocks,...
Beach Mali Bok, Koromačna Island Cres Croatia
If you go on a local voyage from Orlec, east of the island of Cres, you will come to this lonely little beach. The beach is called Mali Bok, beautiful and hidden in the natural canyon. The main part of the beach is made of thicker boulders, is passable and suitable for all. However, you...
Island of Jerolim near Hvar, FKK island Croatia
The island of Sveti Jerolim is a small island near Hvar, whose length of the coastline is 2.37 km. How much is the Jerolim cost of a naturist destination, the acknowledgments received from Lonely Planet, which declared it the fifth destination for travel in 2012, and CNN has declared the...
Pictures of the Potovošće Krk Beach Croatia
The Potovošće Beach is located on the eastern side of the island of Krk, about one kilometer south of the town of Vrbnik. The beach is pebbly and is located in a secluded bay and the main features of the beach are crystal clear sea, peace and quiet. This beautiful beach is one...
Samograd beach cove Korčula pictures Croatia
The beach Samograd bay is located on the northeastern side of the island of Korcula near the town of Racisce only 500 meters away from the cove of Vaje, which we have already written. This beautiful gravel bay is connected by a road with Racisce, from which it is about 2 kilometers away....
Best beach in Ciovo Croatia Trogir
One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Ciovo is definitely the beach of Kava. It is located at the far end, in the east and overlooks the city of Split. The beach is in an uninhabited part, separated and completely surrounded by natural beauties. Beside the beach there is only...
Dubov dol, Dubovica beach on Hvar Croatia
Small beach in a small place. Dubov dol beach is actually very large considering that there are only a few buildings beside it. These are private accommodations, nicely decorated for people who want to spend their holidays in peace and quiet. The guests come with yachts or speedboats,...
Sv. Ivan Cres, Lubenice Croatia
Sv. The famous Ivan is located on the west coast of the island of Cres. It is located near Lubenice on the mentioned island, but outside the inhabited zone. It is naturally complete, and as such enchants its beauty. Nautical people especially like to come here because of the difficulty...
Beach Srčanka island of Pag Croatia
This beautiful beach is located a few kilometers south of the Šimuni camp on the island of Pag. The beach is wild and hidden, a little harder available but worth the effort because it leaves breathless.  
Beach Vaja Korčula, Račišće
Vaja beach is located on the northeastern side of the island of Korcula near Racisce. The beach leads to the beach connecting Račišće and the gravel bay of Vaja, which is 10 minutes from the center. Going down to the beach is not very easy because you need to cross a steep part...
Beaches Ubok and Jelenscica Brsec Croatia Istria
Uboka and Jelenšćica are two beaches in the bay between Brsec and Mošćenička Draga. The beaches are actually small pebbly coves surrounded by rocks and greenery. Many of these two beaches will say that they are among the best beaches in Istria and Kvarner. The beach can...
Beach in Zaraće on the island of Hvar
The beach in this small place is more like a tropical oasis, isolated from the rest of the world with the irresistible colors of the blue sea. Zaraće Beach is isolated, located outside the settlement itself, but in the immediate vicinity has a complete tourist offer. We are thinking of...
Kremena Beach - Žuljana
Best beach Brac Croatia
Koromačna Cres Beach
Bačva Beach, Pupnat Korčula Pictures
Virgin Islands Igrane Beach Croatia
Luka Rakalj Beach
Lučica Beach Zaostroga Croatia
FKK Jelenica Beach and Little Sabuša Kukljica,...
Beach Veprinova Gdinj island of Hvar Croatia
Grotte von Pula beach
Beach Cave Brbišćica Golubinka Dugi otok
Robinson house Hvar Croatia
Drazica Beach on Cres
Žukova Bay on the island of Hvar Croatia
Sjekirica Beach - Brsečine
Makarska nudist beach Nugal FKK
Bay Brizenica Hvar Croatia
Mali Žali Beach - Dubravica
Elena Pag Croatia beach
Cove Tatinja - Island Solta Croatia
Beach Uvala Koromašna - Island Murter Croatia
Beach Vela Riva - Cove Čavlena Glavotok Croatia
Beach Stupova Brseč - Zagora
Vela Draga Mali Lošinj
Palamida beach Novalja Pag Croatia
Jasenovac beach camping Stella Maris Jezera...
Beach Biser Caska, Pag Croatia
Little Sabuša Kukljica Ugljan beach
Beach Jezero Murter Croatia
Beach villa Rustika Sevid Croatia
Nudist FKK Beach Kandarola Rab Pictures
Beach Stolac Lopar Rab FKK Nudist pictures
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