Istra Beaches

Beach Cove Klancac Brseč Croatia Istria
Beach - Klančac bay Brseč is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. A beautiful small beach with clear waters with a gentle incline. There are no service facilities on the beach and there is no parking space close to the beach. On three sides surrounded by rocks,...
Luka Rakalj Beach
In the vicinity of Rakalj there is the beach Luka. It is located in a cove, made of medium-sized cobblestones and bordered by rocks. The beach is beautiful, in a natural environment separated from the settlement. What we can particularly point out is our old beach wreck, which is located...
Ambrela Beach Pula Croatia
Amber Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pula, located in the tourist area of Verudela, on the western side of the peninsula and continues on the Brioni beach. Nearby is the popular Puljska beach Hajvajka. From the center of Pula is about 4 kilometers away. The beach has a blue...
Beach Centinera Banjole Istria Pula
The Centinera Beach is located in the village of Banjole in a pine forest, providing shade to all the guests who want to hide from the judge. The beach is partly pebbly and partly rocky. It is ideal for children because it has plenty of shallow parts. From the beach you can rent boats,...
Grotte von Pula beach
The sheltered beach in Mužilj bay is a natural environment that many love and appreciate. Access to the beach comes from a forest, a small trail leading to the pebble beach. The beach is mostly rocky, with side but accessible and suitable for sunbathing. They want to come here adventurers,...
Camping Kamenjak Premantura Beach
This beach fully describes its name - Kamenjak is just a stone beach, more accurately rocky rocks. You can reach the beach by a car, which you leave on the elevation and continue to the beach on foot. When you descend to the sea, you will be welcomed by large stone surfaces, and of course...
Beach Del Mar Banjole Croatia
The beach is located in front of Hotel Del Mar and the event is about 500 meters away. The beach surface is pebble. The beach is peaceful and ideal for a family stay with children. There are all necessary amenities for the beach, small bar, toilets and even rescuers. Nearby is the beach...
Sandy Beach Zambratija Savudrija Istria Croatia
Zambratija Beach is located in the settlement of the same name, above Umag. It is a varied terrain, so on one part it is sandy, while the sand is occasionally out of the rock, and is partly paved for the easiest approach to water and sunbathing. In addition to our beach there are catering...
Beach in Camp Polidor Funtana Croatia
Beach Zlatni rt Rovinj
Puntizela Beach Fažana - Pula
Jalinica Beach in Krnica
Guboka Labin beach
Cisterna Beach Rovinj
Njima Premantura beach
Beach Mala Kolumbarica Premantura
Cove and beach Portić Premantura
Beach Prižinja
The Red Island Beach
Vela Đurina bay Maslinica Rabac
Beach Havajka Pula
Centinera Beach Banjole Croatia
Beach Stupova Brseč - Zagora
Polidor Beach in Vrsar