Kvarner Beaches

Cove Žanja Cres
Another hidden and natural bay that plagues with beauty, not far from the beautiful bay of Sv. Ivan Cres. The most frequent guests are sailors and those who come by organized sea transport. Still, there are hiking trails for mountaineers and people skilled for long walks on uneven terrain....
Paradise Beach Lopar Rab Kroati
The phenomenal beach is unique because of its sandy color and its appearance with a huge shallow beach and a multitude of diverse amenities beside the beach for children and adults. Sandy beach as a children's playground and bathing in a sledge. Carefree holiday for parents while children...
Golden Bay Beach or Velo Čelo, Krk
The Golden Bay Beach, or some of them called Velo Čelo and Biškupići, is a beautiful gravel bay situated on the west coast of the island of Krk, a few kilometers north of Old Baška. Because of the great steep foot, it is not possible to reach the beach so the only approach...
Beach Mali Bok, Koromačna Island Cres Croatia
If you go on a local voyage from Orlec, east of the island of Cres, you will come to this lonely little beach. The beach is called Mali Bok, beautiful and hidden in the natural canyon. The main part of the beach is made of thicker boulders, is passable and suitable for all. However, you...
Pictures of the Potovošće Krk Beach Croatia
The Potovošće Beach is located on the eastern side of the island of Krk, about one kilometer south of the town of Vrbnik. The beach is pebbly and is located in a secluded bay and the main features of the beach are crystal clear sea, peace and quiet. This beautiful beach is one...
Sv. Ivan Cres, Lubenice Croatia
Sv. The famous Ivan is located on the west coast of the island of Cres. It is located near Lubenice on the mentioned island, but outside the inhabited zone. It is naturally complete, and as such enchants its beauty. Nautical people especially like to come here because of the difficulty...
Vela Beach Baška Krk Croatia
Vela Beach is located in Baška on the south of the island of Krk. The beach is sandy - pebble, 1800 meters long and is among the most beautiful and famous beaches in Croatia. Around the main beach there are several hotels and a large number of apartments, restaurants, bars and other...
Beaches Ubok and Jelenscica Brsec Croatia Istria
Uboka and Jelenšćica are two beaches in the bay between Brsec and Mošćenička Draga. The beaches are actually small pebbly coves surrounded by rocks and greenery. Many of these two beaches will say that they are among the best beaches in Istria and Kvarner. The beach can...
Oprna Krk beach Stara Baška Croatia
Koromačna Cres Beach
Beach Vela Luka Baska, Krk Croatia
Beach Jert Pinezići, island Krk Croatia
Beach Beli Cres, Zipline
Sandy beach Sv. March - Risika, Krk Croatia
Drazica Beach on Cres
Cove Krivica Veli Lošinj Croatia
Veli Žal Beach Mali Lošinj pictures
Beach in the Unije
Kostrena Croatia beach
Sv. Ivan Mošćenička Draga Croatia
Beach Sipar Moscenicka Draga
Lukovo Otocko Beach Croatia
Beach Vela Riva - Cove Čavlena Glavotok Croatia
Škarpun Beach Novi Vinodolski Croatia