Cove Krivica Veli Lošinj Croatia

# Cove Krivica Veli Lošinj Croatia


Veli Lošinj (otok Lošinj)

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The Krivica bay is hidden on the west coast of the island of Losinj. You can reach this place from Velog Lošnja, on foot or by bike. In fact, many enthusiasts are just doing this and having fun, and completing their day. A macadam track leads to the beach, arranged for the above mentioned activities. The other guests are, however, a bit more numerous, those from the sea in their boats. This bay is visited by many boaters, enjoying the secluded part of the Adriatic Sea. Protected by the mainland on three sides, the sea here is extremely calm, clean and comfortable warm. The whole scene is in a natural environment that boaters love. Holidaying and swimming in our bay is a special feeling, regardless of whether you are alone or among a dozen other anchored yachts. The coast is rocky, covered with pine trees and with just an old and abandoned object. It's great to do good photography and enjoy the galama and the great passage of other people. We invite all yacht owners nearby to come, but of course the guests from Veliki Lošinj, who are ready for sports enthusiasts. Biking by our cove is a kind of challenge, and it has become a tourist attraction on this island. If you come to vacation with a car-mounted bicycle, lower it, check the gear and head for the goal. You will be greeted by a breath-taking bay.


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