68 Beaches For dogs in Croatia with pictures and location

Otočić Proizd near Korcula FKK Cove Bili Bok
Protozoo is a small isle of less than one square kilometer in the north-west of Korcula, 4 miles away from Korcula. On the island there is only one restaurant on the south side and several beautiful bays with crystal clear sea. One of the coves, Donji Bili Bok, is for naturists and has...
Lučica Beach Zaostroga Croatia
Just a few kilometers outside the village of Zaostrog, below the Adriatic highway, there is the beach of Lučica. It is a pebble beach, bordered by natural rocks, where large trees of pine trees grow. There is no shade on the sunshine. The harbor is an isolated beach, with no catering...
Grotte von Pula beach
The sheltered beach in Mužilj bay is a natural environment that many love and appreciate. Access to the beach comes from a forest, a small trail leading to the pebble beach. The beach is mostly rocky, with side but accessible and suitable for sunbathing. They want to come here adventurers,...
Plava Laguna Beach Krknjaši Veli Drvenik
Krknjaši Beach - Plava Laguna, is located on the island of Drvenik Veli. It is very popular, both for guests of neighboring apartments and for boaters. It is located in an excellent location, has a clean sea of beautiful colors with a suitable depth for anchoring and swimming from...
Sjekirica Beach - Brsečine
Beach Seahorse Mom of all who pass through the state road D8 - known as the Adriatic highway. Still, it's hard to get to this beach off the mainland. It is popular, but is mostly visited by the sea, with the help of various boats and small yachts. Nauticers enjoy coming here, and as...
Cove Krivica Veli Lošinj Croatia
The Krivica bay is hidden on the west coast of the island of Losinj. You can reach this place from Velog Lošnja, on foot or by bike. In fact, many enthusiasts are just doing this and having fun, and completing their day. A macadam track leads to the beach, arranged for the above...
Cvitačka - Ramova FKK Nudist beach Makarska Croatia
Cvitačka is a small pebble beach near the night and the famous Ramova beach, designed for nudists, and a part for dogs. A beautiful hidden beach below the pines with a gradual entry into the sea. Surrounding vegetation provides a shadow on one part of the beach. The beach is located about...
Beach Zlatni rt Rovinj
The Forest Park Zlatni rt is the biggest Rovinj natural attraction, an ideal place for various sports activities and enjoying the natural surroundings and the beaches. The park is also the largest gathering of swimmers who stay in the summer in Rovinj because of its indented coastline...
Kostrena Croatia beach
Kostrena beach is a beautiful pebble beach with a gentle entrance and clear and clean sea. There is also a small fenced beach for dogs with a shower. The gastronomic offer on the beach is rich, there are many cafes, pancakes, ice cream, corn, fast food and restaurant. Parking on the beach...
Elena Pag Croatia beach
A beautiful beach with pebbles located a few kilometers north of Bošana on Pag. The beach is downhill and is not easy to reach, but it is certainly worth the effort. Because of its hidden features, there are not too many crowds on the beach even in the summer months. We certainly...
Cove Tatinja - Island Solta Croatia
Cove Tatinja is a popular station for nautical tourism. Apart from being isolated and decorated with the action of time and nature, the bay is also interesting for the Lonely Paradise restaurant, the only stone wall building that "distorts" the natural outline of the shore that...
Pine Beach - Pine Beach Pakoštane Croatia
Pine Beach is located near Pine Beach Pakostane Resort and is a favorite place for all guests of the resort as well as other guests as well as hosts for their beauty and variety. The center of this beach is a small sandy bay that is completely natural and is a real attraction. Around the...
Beach Uvala Koromašna - Island Murter Croatia
Koromašna Bay on the island of Murter is a true natural jewel. We primarily think of a beach that is just like the other, bordered by the natural shades of green needles, rocky and blue of our sea. The bay is located in the town of Jezera on the island of Murter and it can be described...
Beach Vela Riva - Cove Čavlena Glavotok Croatia
Vela Riva Beach is located on the western coast of the island of Krk between camps Glavotok and Mali Raj. The beach is pebbly, located in a small bay surrounded by greenery. Towards the same beach leads the dusty path to the Glavotok camp. See beaches on Krk.Objects nearby: Camping Glavotok...
Prnjica Pag beach pictures
Prnjica Beach is located on the island of Pag in Kolan. Beach is not difficult to find because it is on the road leading to Novalja, it is only necessary to follow the sign that leads you to the beach. Pebble with a sandy bottom few meters after entering the sea, quite shallow, this beach...
Pinozula Beach and Dinosaur Park Premantura
The Pinzula beach overlooks the bay of the same name, is small, made of gravel and bordered by rocks. The beach is isolated, away from the resort and is naturally oriented. It is not close to cafes and similar catering facilities, but the nearby Dinosaur Park is a great attraction and...
Vela Draga Mali Lošinj
Vela Draga has a view of the open sea. It is located below Mali Losinj, on the west coast of the island. It is isolated from the coast and is therefore a favorite destination for yachtsmen. The natural ambience, clean sea and small hidden beaches are an excellent bait for all small boat...
Cove - Crikvenica Beach on the island of Murter, FKK part
Cove - Beach Čigrađa on the island of Murter. Everyone who loves clean and warm sea will be thrilled with this beach. It is located on the south side of the island of Murter and is sheltered by a natural bay. The Čigrađa Beach is very accessible - you can reach it by car, and right...
Beach of Rača Sveti Juraj Jurjevo Croatia
This beautiful pebble beach is located in the small campsite Eurokamp Raca Sveti Jura in Lika-Senj County. Within the camp are a mini-market, a cafe bar, a restaurant, a tennis court, a volleyball court, entertainment equipment, beach and sea recreation, a diving school and a photo safari...
Jadra Stara Novalja beach pictures
The Jadra beach is located in the town of Stara Novalja on the island of Pag, about 1 kilometer north of the town center. The coastline is mostly rocky, but you can also find several sandy coves that can serve as a sea entrance, as well as concrete steps built to facilitate entry into...
Little Sabuša Kukljica Ugljan beach
Nudist FKK Beach Kandarola Rab Pictures
Škaraba Beach Rovinj Croatia
Beach Kantrida Rijeka Croatia
Beach Ćinta island Ugljan Croatia
Ražanac beach Kamp Puntica
Beach Krcalo Pag Jakišnica pictures
Crvenka Vir Beach - Vir Island Beach
Beach in the bay of Kalavojna Rakalj
Beach Podvorska (Lučica) Crikvenica Croatia...
Kosirina Beach Murter Croatia
Beach at Povlja Brac Croatia
Bay Runke Premantura
Beach Bandard Bay and Pirovac SmokvaBeach Bandard...
Plitka vala Betina Murter Croatia
Beach Podbrig Karma Arbanasi Zadar
Beach of the Golden Rock of Pula
Beach Vale Škura, Veli Lošinj
Beach near Slađenovići Slano camp
Redagar Beach, Valda Gara Dog Beach Krk
Kuvi (Cuvi) Beach Rovinj
Kožino Beach - Kozino Beach
Beach in the bay of Gornja Kruščica Šolta...
Lanterna beach Novigrad Istria
Beach in Bilice - Bilice Beaches Croatia
Beach Sušica Island Ugljan, Camp Porat
Beach Prklog Duga Luka Croatia
Kolanjsko blato beach Rogoža Kolan Pag
Petrčane - Donje Petrčane beaches
Beach Punta Bajlo Zadar
Beach Stobrec - Split
Beach Camp Sirena Novigrad
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