Best beaches island Brač - the top 20 most beautiful beaches

# Best beaches island Brač - the top 20 most beautiful beaches

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Bol (otok Brač)

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We bring you a list of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Brac with a large number of pictures for every beach, description and location. You can find more information on each beach by clicking on the link below the pictures of each beach.

Beaches in Brac ranked by beauty

Zlatni Rat Beach - This beach is certainly the most famous on the whole island, and one of the most famous in Croatia. The Zlatni Rat beach is special for its figure, especially if it is viewed from the air. It is a trademark of Croatian tourism and is the main detail of many brochures or greeting cards. It's popular, of course, and very well equipped. The beach has everything it needs to have. There are changing cabins, showers, and escorts for emergency rescue workers who take care of the safety of the swimmer. There is a water park in the shallow waters - an excellent place for children's play, and there are cafes and clubs on the beach, with a great offer of entertainment and refreshing drinks. Younger guests are on our beach, but the number of adults and couples with children is not negligible. After all, they are all welcome to our beach. With its character, Zlatni Rat beach will welcome all guests.


Kotlina beach Bol Brac - This beach is located in the very center of Bol, on the island of Brac, next to a restaurant with a hostile atmosphere. In addition to bathing and sunbathing, when you want to eat a delicious meal it is enough to do a couple of steps and you are already at the table, in the shade and waiting for your order. As you wait for the plates to come, the time will pass through the beautiful view that comes from the terrace of this building. It is located at the beach itself, and is therefore very well positioned to enjoy the moment.


Paklina FKK Bol Brac - On the south side of the island, near many of Croatia's most beautiful beaches Zlatni rat in Bol on Brač is one of the most famous nudist FKK beaches, Paklina beach. The beach is located at the western end of the famous Golden Horn. The main part of the beach is gravel and about 200 meters long, if you are looking for more privacy, continue on foot west to where you can find beautiful sandy and rocky coves.


Zora Sumartin Beach - If you take a ferry from Makarska to Sumartin on Brač, you will first see this beautiful beach and then just the bay and harbor where you are going out of the ferry. The beach is separated from the settlement, in a natural setting - among the rocks and pine trees. The pebble is in the middle, while the sides are decorated with stitched rocks, some suitable for sunbathing. The sea is extremely clean, quite calm and comfortable warm. Before you get packed - bring sunblocks, water, towels and, preferably, sunshade. There is no natural shade on the beach, so the sunshade will come very well.


Lovrečina Beach - The beach is located in the Lovran bay. It is especially good for families with children, but everyone will find quality for themselves. It is made of fine sand, has a large shallow spot, and that's why kids love to play on it. The beach is surrounded by greenery, behind a walled stone wall, and the offer is enriched with a restaurant in the immediate vicinity. If you are tired of swimming and sunbathing, it's best to sit in the restaurant and enjoy the delicious snacks. Those who are not very hungry can look for some refreshing drink.


The Murvica Beach is very popular. It is beautiful and located in a natural environment. It is located in the southern part of the island of Brac, below the village of Murvica. It is made of small gravel, covered with rocks and covered with sparkling waves of pure sea. The beach has a designated place for bathers. It is appealing to its look, especially because it is a distance view that reveals the silhouette of the neighboring island of Hvar.

Beach Zastup Brač Splitska - Next to the resort of Splitska, on the island of Brac, is the beach Zastup. It is located in the bay, surrounded by a road and is easy to reach. The beach is made of medium-sized cobblestones, surrounded by greenery and the local road. The sea front is shallow, suitable for children and people who swim less heavily. It is distinguished from the settlement itself, so it is good that you bring everything you need, especially if you plan on spending the whole day on the beach.Plaža Brač Splitska

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