Best beaches island Vir Croatia - the top 10 most beautiful beaches

# Best beaches island Vir Croatia - the top 10 most beautiful beaches

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Vir (otok)

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We bring you a list of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Vir with a large number of pictures for every beach, description and location. You can find more information on each beach by clicking on the link below the pictures of each beach.

Beaches on the island of Vir ordered by beauty

The Beach Cove Duboka Draga is especially dear to the people of this place. Guests will always recommend visiting the beach, and often say they are the most beautiful beach in Vir. The islanders say that Cove Duboka Draga is the most beautiful beach in Vir. Nearby is Crvenka Beach. It is clear of the clear sea and the distance from the settlements. It is located on the northwest side of the island, outside of the island settlements. The beach can be reached by boat, such as a sailboat or sailboat.Plaža Duboka Draga Vir - best beaches Island Vir

The Crvenka beach seems to be a non-intrusive and very inaccessible beach. If you look at the shore, you can easily conclude that this is not the place for everyone. This beach actually attracts adventurers and nature lovers. If you are interested in the underwater world and the wildlife that takes place below the surface of the sea, here you will surely enjoy it. The rocky bottom attracts many species and, on the other hand, dampens the presence of people.

Crvenka otok Vir više slika

Žitna beach is one of the main ones on the island of Vir. The beach is decorated and equipped with all the necessary things for this purpose. It is 300 meters wide, very popular and always well-populated. In addition to renting pedal or other props for yourself or children, there are numerous local restaurants and restaurants offering refreshments or a delicious meal.

Plaža Žitna Vir

Beach Donja Prezida Vir - The beach is characterized by shallow shallow sea, and on the beach, combined with concrete parts. Beside the beach is a large number of private accommodation, catering facilities such as cafes and restaurants. The beach is truly contentious, suitable for all ages, especially for families with children. There is no natural shade on the beach, so it is good to bring a sunshade and protect it well. If you want refreshing outside the sea, visit some of the local cafes and enjoy a favorite drink.Plaža Donja Prezida Vir

The Sapavac Beach is special for its sandy terrain with pronounced red color. In addition to sand, many parts are covered with grass and the beach touches the sea with water, because the soil is a large part of the land. They say this mud to treat rheumatic diseases. The beach is covered with pine forests, there is plenty of shade for its guests and a nearby car camp is located nearby.

Plaža Sapavac Vir

The Velika Slatina beach is pebble, while the sea is fine sand. It is located in a small bay and has both sides with berths for smaller boats. Behind the beach there are numerous apartments as well as catering facilities. From the beach you have an excellent view of the island of Pag. The sea is calm and shallow. It is suitable for families with children, especially for guests of nearby apartments.

Plaža Velika Slatin Vir

Gornja Prezida is a well-kept beach within the many resorts in the southeast part of the island of Vira, near Donja Prezida. The beach boasts a sandy sea bottom, while large pebbles are out there. The sea is clean here, suitable for all ages. There is a children's playground next to the beach, while in the background are accommodation for tourists. Gornja Prezida is an accessible beach, most often visited by tourists from local boarding houses, but guests from other settlements on the island also come to it.Gornja Prezida Vir više slika

Radovanjica Beach - The Island of Vir - Between the sea and the streets The old way to Viru, is the beach of Radovanjica. The beach is completely decorated, made of gravel and partly concreted. It's great for a whole day's vacation, because you have everything you need on the beach. The concrete part is good for sunbathing, and the clear sea will come as a periodic refreshment. Although there are palm trees and other lower trees along the beach, there is no natural shade on it. It would be a good idea to take a sun umbrella with you or rent one on the beach stand.

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