Best beaches on Island Pag Croatia - the top 10 most beautiful beaches

# Best beaches on Island Pag Croatia - the top 10 most beautiful beaches

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We bring you a list of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Pag with a large number of pictures for each beach, description and location. You can find out more information about each beach by clicking on the link below the picture of each of the beaches.

Beaches on the island of Pag, ranked by beauty

Beritnica Pag - This beach is located on the island of Pag, south of the small village of Metajna. It is special in naturally complex rocks in shallow water, great for photographs or simply for admiration from the shore. Take a break at Beritnica with a beautiful three-rock scene. Those little more skilled can climb to one of them and memorize unforgettable moments from the summer vacation. The beach is otherwise surrounded by rocky landscapes, with a smaller pebble beach. There is no natural shade, as well as no cafes (closest to the beach of Ručica).Plaža Beritnica Pag

Ručica Pag Beach - Many say that this is the most famous beach on the island of Pag. If you disagree with this statement, at least agree that it is one of the most famous beaches on that island. It is difficult for some beach to partake in Zrće, but the beach of Ručica is better presented to guests all year round. It's very popular, mostly because of its beauty. Unsustainable nature, rugged environment and a somewhat isolated position of this beach.

Plaža Ručica Pag

Čista Kolan Beach - The name best describes this beach on Pag. Clean Beach is still one of those that will enchant you. This beach is located near Kolan, on the same side as the Zrce beach. However, it is a silent beach suitable for enjoying the silence, the sun, the no-day parties. And this beach is very popular and attracts many guests.

Plaža Čista Kolan otok Pag

Beaches of Šimuni Pag Camp - Šimuni's largest campsite is its sandy - pebble beaches stretching all over its length. In the camp you will be welcomed by six decorated pebble and sand beaches, of which there are even two beach for dogs.

Plaže Kampa Šimuni otok Pag

Caska Pag - The beach is a combination of sand and gravel. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, which also has a café where guests can refresh themselves. Beach Biser does not have natural shade, so it is desirable that the beach guests bring with them the necessary sun protection. This beach is very accessible, peaceful and suitable for all ages. It is especially good for children's play, as well as for people who swim less heavily. The depth of the water is slightly increasing and the bottom is covered with stone springs.

Plaža Caska Pag

Srčanka Pag - This beautiful beach is located a few kilometers south of the Šimuni camp on the island of Pag in its western part. The beach is wild and hidden, a little harder available but worth the effort because it leaves breathless.Plaža Srčanka pag

Urša and Fortuna beaches are two neighboring coves, a few hundred meters away on the west coast of Pag a few miles south of Šimuni. The beaches are mostly made of sand and are therefore suitable for children as well. Crystal clear water, isolation, peace and quiet are what they offer these bays and leave no one indifferent to anyone. Slightly north is another beautiful bend of Srčanka.

Beaches Dubrava and Delfinka - Between the rocks, in this small bay is situated this beautiful beach on Pag. Right next to Dubrava Beach is Delfinka beach. Dubrava beach is a natural ambience, bordered by rocks on three sides, and sea and the view towards the Croatian coast. Clean sea is a place for this place, and greenery fills this beauty. Although the beach is enriched with greenery and vegetation, you do not have the right shade here. If you visit the beach, take a sun umbrella with you and be well protected from the sun's rays.

Plaže Dubrava i Delfinka Pag

Planjka is a spacious beach located northwest of Novalja. It is covered with fine, fine sand, sunny and has a shallow sea water. It is great for water games or beach volleyball. Planks are a good choice for families, especially those with small children. Numerous catering facilities are located along the beach. Refreshment with your favorite drink or enjoy your favorite meal is available to everyone. For children's play and all-day entertainment, you have many beach accessories, as well as sport recreational content that follows the beach.Plaža Planjka Pag više slika

Caska beach is located near the well-known beach Zrće, east of Novalja. Caska is named after the small town of Caska, located in the bay of the same name. The beach is located between Zrće beach and Zubovići and Kustići. The beautiful beach is made of a combination of fine sand and gravel. Many are described as the most beautiful beach on the island, so take a look at the photos and find out why it is so.

Plaža Caska Pag

The most famous beach on the island of Pag, Zrće beach is one of the most famous Croatian beaches in general. The beach is located on the big Zrce bay, 4 kilometers from the center of Novalja, and is the top destination known throughout the world. The beach is pebble, with a beautiful sea view and is accompanied by a lot of content especially for young guests. All-day parties, night-scenes and guest musicians from around the world are a combination for a younger audience who enjoys the loud rhythm of techno music. The beach has several clubs, which means that dance with music will not be missed.

Plaža Zrće Pag

Beach Straško Pag - Pag is famous for its seductive beaches, among which is the most famous beach in Croatia - Zrce. However, on this occasion we will describe Straško Beach, located in the south of Novalja. It is a beautiful pebble beach, extending 1.5 km. The entrance to the sea is steep and sandy, so the beach is suitable for the elderly and children. Straško Beach has a couple of catering facilities, more precisely bars and restaurants. There is also a rich sports offer, so fun will not miss it. This is a great place for families, especially parents who come with children. The beach is surrounded by pine forests, and of course the sea that blows the shore. Straško Beach Blue flag for quality and purity of the sea.

Plaža Straško Pag više slika

Kukurina Beach is located in Potočnica, which is part of the City of Novalja, 20 km north of the town. Potocnica is a small weekend village in the northern part of the island of Pag, an oasis of greenery, peace and quiet, ideal for family vacations and the Kukurina beach is the ideal place for everything. A small sandy beach is reached through the trees and rocks and you can leave the car in the village. This is one of the most beautiful hidden coves on Pag.

Plaža Kukurina Potoćnica Pag

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