What souvenirs to buy in Zadar Croatia

# What souvenirs to buy in Zadar Croatia

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You are staying in Zadar and you are wondering what to bring home as souvenirs from this beautiful Dalmatian town on the Adriatic coast. We tried to explore what was best to bring home as a souvenir from Zadar. In order to answer this question, we need to see why Zadar is recognizable and what makes it different from the rest of Croatia and other cities on the Adriatic.
Zadar is a city full of historical and cultural sights, located somewhere in the middle of the Adriatic coast. The combination of natural resources, historical heritage, modern culture and numerous facilities and activities offered by the Zadar region are unique.

What souvenirs to buy in Zadar - Souvenirs from Zadar region

Zadar souvenirs shopping in Zadar shopping all donated

Church of St. Donat in Zadar - the most famous building in Zadar and the symbol of the city. It dates from the Middle Ages. Due to its distinctive shape, it is one of the most significant of its kind in Europe. In the summer, interesting activities are held near the church in the evening, as well as cafes, food stalls, souvenirs and the promenade of Zadar. Church space is used for various music programs. Admission to the church is charged 20 kn for adults, children free of charge. Ideal place to take a photo from Zadar.

Souvenirs on the theme Church of St. Donat Zadar

Zadar souvenirs what to buy

Maraschino liqueur - Maraschino is the name for a liqueur made from Maraschino cherry, the recipe of which was first devised by pharmacists of the Dominican Monastery in Zadar in the early 16th century. This alcoholic beverage is one of the symbols of the city of Zadar. In the 18th century, the industrial production of maraschines developed in Zadar, and by sea reached all the important European and world ports and yards. This drink was the favorite drink of French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte and was served on and on the last Titanic voyage. A bottle of traditional wicker liqueur Maraschino has been listed on the list of authentic Croatian souvenirs by the Croatian National Tourist Board since 1999.

Maraschino produces not only liquors and spirits but also juices. See all products on their official site https://maraska.hr/en/products/ 

Liker maraschino maraška Zadar

Pag cheese - This type of cheese is produced on the island of Pag in the Zadar region and one of the most famous cheeses in the world. The cheese has a specific and unique taste and is made from the milk of the Pag sheep. Pag sheep are specific because of the island of Pag that has almost no vegetation. If you look at the island of Pag on the map you can see only the stone. Due to the lack of vegetation, Pag sheep eat mostly only aromatic herbs that are salted by sea salt sprayed with borax in winter. Because of this, the meat and cheese of Pag are sheep of a specific taste and cannot be found anywhere in the world.

Paški sir zadarska regija suvenir

Pag lace - Also from the island of Pag, it is one of the symbols of the Zadar region. Pag lace is handmade and it takes a long time to make one.

čipka Nin, Pag, Vir, Zaton

Antique Glass Replica - Inside the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar you can buy souvenirs that are replicas of antique glass items. The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar is constantly enriching the offer of souvenirs from its own workshop for the production of unique glass objects. These are hand-made replicas of glass objects according to ancient patterns, present in about 20 forms.

Souvenirs and replicas of the Zadar Archaeological Museum - Similar to the Museum of Ancient Glass, the Museum and Souvenir Workshop for the Archaeological Museum of Zadar makes its own souvenirs and replicas of archeological objects in artificial stone and ceramics.

Zadar Barge - In the 14th century, the Zadar people were famous for making boats with which they transported people or cargo at the city port. Zadar boats are still one of the protective symbols of the city of Zadar, and tourists are offered ceramic souvenirs.barka barkajol zadar souvenir

Lavender - Lavender is a fragrant ornamental plant that is very common in Dalmatia as a Mediterranean perennial shrub. Although modest in requirements, it blooms richly and for a long time with a beautiful scent, it gives the garden a special vibrancy because it attracts many butterflies, bumblebees and bees. In Dalmatia, lavender is often used instead of industrial scents and as a decoration. In many souvenir shops this plant is sold in small bags as a souvenir.


Souvenir shops in Zadar

Souvenir shops are a normal occurrence in a tourist town such as Zadar, they are located at almost every moment. Here are some of the highlights where you can look for recognizable things to do in Zadar.

Ars Natura Zadar

Address: Široka 24, 23000, ZadarThe trade of high quality herbal, handmade, cosmetic products. Handmade and authentic souvenirs that you can't find in other stores, a little more expensive but totally worth it. Ars Natura is located at two locations on the Zadar peninsula, both near Donat.

Souvenir shop zadar suvenirnica ars natura

Natura Zara – Authentic Croatian products

Address: Ul. 5-7 Brne Krnarutica st., 23000, Zadar (Peninsula)

Natura Zadar is a family-owned company founded in 2017 with the aim of representing authentic Croatian products of original quality. You can find local wines, honey, brandies, liqueurs, olive oil, truffles, jams and various delicacies. All products are of organic origin.

Cute little shop with local produce. Olive oil is from the owner's family and he will explain the origin of the products he sells. Fair prices and good quality. It's not a typical gift shop, but it's a hidden gem!

Large selection of local wines, olive oil, honey and other delicacies. The owners and employees are very friendly and helpful and will always take the time to present individual products, explain their origin and special features.

natura zadar wine oil soup

Shops and shopping centers in Zadar


Zadar is the largest city in North Dalmatia and it is a trading center, so it offers a great opportunity for trade. Several places in the city stand out.

Zadar centre - the place where most tourists travel. The whole peninsula is actually an open air mall. A large number of shops, souvenir shops and well-known brands in the narrow centuries-old streets are surrounded by cultural monuments.

SuperNova Zadar - the largest shopping mall in Zadar, is located on the outskirts of town on the road to Murvica. With an area of 68,000 square meters, it is one of the largest centers in Dalmatia.

Address: Ul. Actions Maslenica 1, 23000, Zadar

Super nova trgovina zadar

Fish Market and Green Market in Zadar - located on the peninsula in Zadar at the same address. The fish market is located inside the city walls while the market is outside the walls. Here you can find fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and other products from the Zadar region.ribarnica fish market zadar

Zelena tržnica zadar

Whether you are in Zadar or surrounding towns, islands or cities such as Bibinje, island Vir, Dugi otok, Pasman, Nin, Biograd na moru, Pag - Novalja, Vodice ... we hope that our suggestions will help you find something for yourself that will remind you of your stay in the Zadar region.

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