Best beaches island Hvar- the top 20 most beautiful beaches

# Best beaches island Hvar- the top 20 most beautiful beaches

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Hvar (otok Hvar)

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We bring you the list of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Hvar with a large number of pictures for every beach, description and location. You can find more information on each beach by clicking on the link below the pictures of each beach.

Beaches in Hvar ranked by beauty

Dubovica Hvar - You can reach the beach only if you park a car on the road and descend for some 10 minutes. We certainly recommend that you look for this beach if you are on Hvar because the beach takes breath away. Dubov dol beach is actually very large considering that there are only a few buildings beside it. The guests come with yachts or speedboats, which are anchored off the coast and enjoy the clean and warm waters of our bay. It is a pebble beach, surrounded by rocks and natural greenery. There is no shade on it, and you will not be able to rent sunshades on the beach.


Lučišća bay beach is a beautiful cove located about two kilometers north of Sveta Nedjelja on the island of Hvar. The beach is very small and can not be received by a large number of people, but fortunately it is very difficult to reach, mostly not being flooded. It is necessary to walk to the beach from Sveti Nedjelje.


The island of Sveti Jerolim is a small island near Hvar, whose length of the coastline is 2.37 km. How much is the Jerolim cost of a naturist destination, the acknowledgments received by Lonely Planet, which declared it the fifth destination for travel in 2012, and CNN has declared the island the best destination in the world for all those who are looking for naturism. CNN's special emphasis is on sunny white rocks and privacy in pine forests. Jerolim is connected to the island of Hvar by marshal taxis that often depart from the waterfront.


Beaches in the place Ivan Dolac on the island of Hvar are mostly located between natural rocks. Pebble beaches with gentle access to the sea, suitable for weaker swimmers and for children's play in the shallows. The sea is calm, clean and comfortable warm. One part of the beach is cemented and decorated with stone. During the summer, however, the most emphasized here are various sunshades, bathing suits and towels.


Beach Veliki Pokrivenik Hvar - If you are in Pokrivenik, on the island of Hvar, then you must have seen this beautiful beach. Looking out of the bay, towards the open sea in front of you is the island of Brac, on the left, and Makarska little on the right. Like other beaches on the island, this natural beauty is engraved in a rocky landscape. The natural appearance of the beach fascinates, especially if you pay close attention to the rocks around. A phenomenal glance can accelerate the pulse, but in the best sense, because such a natural space will rest your soul and body.


The Zaraće Hvar Beach - in this small place, looks more like a tropical oasis, isolated from the rest of the world with the irresistible colors of the blue sea. Zaraće Beach is isolated, located outside the settlement itself, but in the immediate vicinity has a complete tourist offer. We are thinking of private accommodations, and of course restaurants offering food and drinks. What's more, local restaurants offer the best fish specialties, but you can also order some other meals - as you wish. You can reach the beach by local means, park a car some 50 meters from the beach and continue on foot.


Veprinova Beach is located in a bay in Gdinj on the south side of Hvar Island. The beach is a gravel bay with crystal clear sea. If you are looking for a quiet corner away from city noise, this beach is an ideal place for your vacation. Gdinj is a small tourist place with several restaurants and markets and you can find everything else in the nearby Jelsa. In the bay, next to the beach is the beautiful fish restaurant Veprinova where you can taste Dalmatian specialties.Beach Gdinj Hvar

The Zečja Poljica Beach - is located on the north side of the island, and is rich in thick pine forests and rocky karst. It is a pebble beach, and you can reach it by boat from the nearby Poljica. Just like other beaches on this side of the island, the Gargoyle is located between the rocks with just a hidden object from behind. It is an ideal place to enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy the scent of pine needles and the feeling of salinity in the air.


The Pokonji dol Beach is still a beautiful bay on the island, on the southern outskirts of Hvar. The beach looks at the small island of the same name - Pokonji dol. Although located outside the center, this beach has accompanying catering facilities and therefore a rich offer for its guests. Private accommodation close to the beach hosts a large number of guests, while others come from or from a town or other nearby place on the island. Near the beach there is a restaurant that offers truly phenomenal dishes.Pokonji Dol Hvar

Zavala Hvar beach - Skalinada is located outside the village itself, right next to the beautiful stone house Dolce Vita you can rent, a natural beach and beautifully filled during the summer. Like many beaches on this side of the island, the Skalinada beach features rocky slopes, fine gravel and beautiful sea. The water is clean and pleasantly warm. There is no beachfront catering offer, but the choice of private accommodation is very rich.


Smokvina - For this beach you would think it was private and closed to the public because it is located in front of a house, Lara apartment. Of course, that's not so much the beach is accessible to everyone. However, due to the distance of other settlements, and the immediate vicinity of the apartments to the beach, only guests of the mentioned facilities are bathed in. Sometimes other guests come, but this is really rare. Anyway, if you find yourself on the Smokvina beach, you will be greeted by an enviable ambience, gravel ground and beautiful and clear sea. The beach is surrounded by dense pine trees that give excellent contrast to the blue sea.


Pakleni Otoci, Sveti Klement - Palmizana is part of the Pakleni archipelago, located south of the island of Hvar. Seasonal swimming takes place from Easter to November. At Palmizani you can free your clothes because nudism has a tradition at Palmizani, where you can undisturbedly enjoy one of the many island lonely bays. Palmizana is located in the southeastern part of Sv. Klement Island. Palmižana is truly unique and perhaps the most famous natural attraction of the island of Hvar.Pakleni otoci

Petarčica Zavala - Near the village of Zavala, near the Deveron apartment, on the rocky slopes, the pebble beach Petarčica is hidden. It's small with its surface, but quite enough for the number of guests coming here. We do not think that it is poorly visited, on the contrary, given the number of tourists on this island, the beach Petarčica is very popular. There are rocky structures, a pine forest behind, and a tiny gravel that is continually plagued by the waves of the Adriatic Sea.Plaža Petričica Zavala Hvar

Maslenica beach is located on the island of Hvar, Vrboska. Smaller is the beach, weaker and best known for those who want a rest in peace, isolated from the rest of the world, to indulge in nature. You can reach the beach on small local roads, but you have to leave your car at some 50 meters from the beach. You reach the end goal by foot, but it is worth it. The beach is just like we wrote, as it was designed to discredit thoughts. It is encircled by rocks, in the center of the gravel.


Camping Nudist Beach Vrboska Hvar - As can be concluded by the name of the camp, this rocky beach will mostly be nudist. However, beside the beach there is the Wind Surf Center in the World, so there are few guests in the swim. However, target guests are nudists so the beach, say so, is reserved for them. Here, among the rocks, guests have their peace, they are hidden from curious views and can relax. The camp has everything it needs, from drinking drinks to food. Also, I can enjoy barbecues by myself, completely. If you are a person of free spirit, wide views, of course, come and join us.


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