What to see around the Omiš area

# What to see around the Omiš area

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It is located at the mouth of the river Cetina, only 21 kilometers south of Split, which is 25 kilometers away. Omiš is a city with a special, very favorable position, which has enabled him to defend himself from attack during the history of the city, and today he offers a lot for tourism and the development of the city in general.
We bring you a list of the most famous sights and locations to visit if you are in Omiš or in the surrounding towns in the region of Central Dalmatia.

Omis Surroundings - what to visit

If you are visiting Omiš and want to see historical buildings, good cuisine and other similar things, visit fortress Fortica, Mirabela fortress or parish church Sv. Michael. These are all the historical buildings that the locals are proud of, attracting a large number of tourists every year.

What to see around the Omiš area

Rafting Omiš - The most popular activity in Omiš, because of which Croatia visits it and the world is rafting in the mouth of Cetina. Going down the canyon stretches over 2 miles down Cetina and offers an unforgettable feeling with a special adrenaline experience. If you are in Omiš, you certainly have to afford this experience.

Rafting Omiš

Church of Sv. Mihovila Arkanđela Omis - One of the churches worth visiting is certainly the parish church in the city dedicated to St. Michael. The church of St. Michael in Omiš dates back to the 17th century. The Parish Church was built by local builders who managed to combine the features of the Gothic, Renaissance and Early Baroque. At the entrance to the church there is a statue of Saint Mihovil as well as a window rose, and on the side walls are the coats of Venetian nobles and the coat of arms of the town of Omis.

Crkva Omiš

Omiš Beaches

Mala Luka Beach Omis - If you go out of Omis, according to Stanici, you will see this beautiful beach called Mala Luka. It is hidden in natural greenery and beautifully decorated with stone walls. Little Port is a beach to spend a day on it. It has a natural shade, a beautiful and clear sea and a backdrop of large boulders. Take with you everything you need, because when you come to this beach it is difficult to leave while there is sun. Although there is shade on the beach, be sure to protect it with sunscreen.

Plaža Mala Luka Omiš

Stanići Beach - Stanići is located near Omis, and this is the first beach from that direction. Stanići Beach is made of thicker boulders, with a couple of rocks decorating the shore and shallow waters. In some places above the beach a tall pine tree grows, but there is not enough shade. Be sure to protect yourself to rest without worry. When the sun becomes too hot, head to the local restaurant to enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious meal.

Plaža Stanići Omiš

Lokva Rogoznica Beach - The beach is located in the settlement of the same name next to Omiš. It is beautifully decorated, with pebble flooring and cliff-lined edges. On the beach, and above it grow pines that work shade. The beach is accessible with a gentle access to the water, and the sea has some meters and a half of the shallows, from where they go to a greater depth to enjoy the water and the water. In addition, there are a couple of catering establishments, so drink and groceries are nearby.Plaža Lokva Rogoznica

Beach Galeb Omiš - This beach is special for small sand and is located in the center of Omis. The beach was created on the bank of the Cetina river mouth, and is a natural environment in which many people enjoy today. Camp Galeb is nearby and occupies a larger area right next to the mouth and the campgrounds come to the beach.

Plaža Galeb Omiš

Cities and places near Omiš

Diocletian's Palace If we mention Split in any context of history, culture or even today's appearance of this city - we can all agree that our thoughts will dominate Diocletian's palace. Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace of Diocletian's Emperor in Split. It was built around 300 years during the rule of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Diocletian stayed in the palace after retirement from the throne (305) until his death (316).Dioklecijanova palača Split što vidjeti

Cathedral of St. Duje Split - One of the most important sights of Split is certainly the cathedral of St. Duje. They say this is the oldest cathedral in the world, so we'll try to describe it as well as possible. Splitska Cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is known in the people as the cathedral of St. Dujma and Sv. Duje. The Split Cathedral is located in the Diocletian's Palace complex, Peristyle, and was originally Imperial mausoleum. The first building was built at the beginning of the 4th century, to be renovated later in the cathedral. It is believed that this Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in the world.

Katedrala Split

Splitska riva has taken its present form in the early 19th century. During this period, the French ruled the French, and we can attribute most of the merit to her appearance, which is simply enchanting. Hundreds of years later, autochthonous plant species were replaced by palm trees, and a new big change comes before the end of the 20th century, when Riva is finally closed for traffic.

Split riva

What to visit in Omiš and its surroundings

The National Park Mljet was proclaimed on November 11, 1960, and its surface covers the northwestern part of the island of Mljet and the surrounding part of the sea.

NP Mljet represents the first institutionalized attempt to protect the original ecosystem in the Adriatic.

Park with its surface covers the western third of the island of Mljet. The boundaries of the park come from the area of Black Rock to the deepest point of the island, Cape Goli. There are some settlements in the national park: Polače (the main tourist and tourist port), Goveđari (the oldest settlement in Jezera), Soline (a small place at the entrance to Veliko jezero) and Pristina (post office and national park) Pomena (the only hotel on the island).

Mljet National Park what to visit

Beaches in the vicinity of Omis

Podraće Beach Brela -  is a small beautiful cove surrounded by rocks in Brela, located beneath the same road in Brela. It is a pebble beach, with mild access to the sea. It is one of the most famous beaches in this part of our coast, and as it is located in the village itself, next to the beach you have many restaurants and cafes.

Plaža Podraće Brela

Baska Voda Beach - Main Beach definitely deserves its name. It is located along the local harbor, which is one of the best equipped beaches in this part of the Adriatic coast. The pebble beach delves the shore, while the pebble in the shallow waters takes care of changes in the blue shades of the clear sea. The best contrast to the pictures is the greenery of the pines and a large number of sunshades on the beach. The beach is equipped with showers, changing umbrellas, and there is a complete tourist offer. A large number of cafes and restaurants provide a rich offer, so everyone will find the best for themselves. Next to the beach you have a children's playground, as well as various sports offers for adults. You will not miss it, nor will you relax for those quieter people. If you are cramped, there are plenty of free loungers available for rent.

Glavna Plaža Baška Voda

Beach Bačvice Split -  If he heard about Split, he also heard about Bacvice. Worth and vice versa. Bačvice is the main town beach, and the most famous beach in Split. If you used to be at Bacvice, you've heard or maybe even played picigin. In addition to being a popular tourist gathering spot, local people are often visited by local guys, so girls play the most popular game in Split - after football, of course. Baffles, due to special shallows, are suitable for this game, and by that they have become planetary popular. Even out of the season, in shallow water almost every day you can see the lovers of picigin, how they leap, catching a small ball.

Bačvice Split

Zlatni rat Beach Bol Brač -  This beach is certainly the most famous on the whole island, and one of the best known in Croatia. The Zlatni Rat beach is special for its figure, especially if it is viewed from the air. It is a trademark of Croatian tourism and is the main detail of many brochures or greeting cards. It's popular, of course, and very well equipped. The beach has everything it needs to have. There are changing cabins, showers, and escorts for emergency rescue workers who take care of the safety of the swimmer.

Zlatni Rat Bol Brač

Stiniva Vis Beach Vis Island is perhaps the most impressive beach in Stiniva Bay. It is very popular, especially because of its appearance and rocks surrounding this beach. It is little to say that the rocks are inaccessible. When you look at the photos you will understand what we mean. Still, there are people on the Stiniva beach who enjoy climbing on these high and steep cliffs. Adrenaline is a sport for the few who are well trained and courageous to do something like that.Stiniva Vis

Lučišća bay beach Hvar is a beautiful cove located about two kilometers north of Sveta Nedjelja on the island of Hvar. The beach is very small and can not be received by a large number of people, but fortunately it is very difficult to reach, mostly not being flooded. It is necessary to walk to the beach from Sveti Nedjelje.

Omis Omis Towns

Trogir Cathedral is one of the most famous Trogir monuments and is listed on UNESCO's list of protected world heritage sites. On this building are visible styles from romanes to baroque, and in it are valuable works of art. Of course, we are thinking of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Lawrence.


Kula Kamerlengo Trogir - There are numerous sights in the preserved historical center of Trogir, one of which is certainly the Kamenlergo tower. The tower was built in the 15th century and its construction is credited with Marin Radoj. It was once a military fortress, and today it was redecorated into the stage for summer concerts and performances. From the top is a breathtaking view of the romantic atmosphere of the past. He was glad to be visited and everyone liked to come to see the old walls of the tower.

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