Solaris Šibenik - a guide. Hotels, Beaches, Water Park

# Solaris Šibenik - a guide. Hotels, Beaches, Water Park

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Solaris Šibenik is a hotel tourist resort consisting of 5 large hotels and a large number of caravans and bungalows, about 5 kilometers from the center of Sibenik. The resort is full of content for adults and children's attractions. Almost there is no content that the customer may wish to not offer in Solaris, from catering, entertainment, sports activities, and content to children.
Solaris is also referred to as the Nature Park, which can be invoked by all guests immediately upon arrival in a resort of 45 hectares of grassy areas and over 10 hectares of a pine forest where 75,000 plants of plants and flowers are planted. The site is dominated by olives, of which 1500 of which oil is used in the settlement, oil is produced in the olive grove of the Dalmatian ethno village, and the oldest olives are over 2,000 years old.  Maslina solarissolaris šibenik croatia

Accommodation in Solaris Šibenik

Accommodation in the resort can be found in hotels of five, and each hotel is thematically adapted to different types of guests.

Hotel Ivan Solaris

Hotel Ivan Solaris carries the Bussiness Hotel sign and is intended for business guests. The hotel is modern and luxurious and offers a high level of comfort and elegance. The hotel is decorated in a Mediterranean style that fits perfectly into its surroundings. The hotel has an outdoor pool and a wellness and spa center with indoor heated swimming pools.Hotel Ivan solaris Šibenik

Hotel Jure

Hotel Jure Solaris carries a Lifestyle hotel sign. Designed for younger guests who want to relax and have fun. The hotel is located next to the White Beach, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic, and for those who prefer swimming pools there is a large outdoor swimming pool with fresh water.

Hotel Andrija Solaris

Hotel Andrija is also called the Kids Hotel and the first themed hotel for children in Croatia. The hotel is located next to a water park and a family beach that is intended for children. The whole hotel is designed for families with children.

Hotel Niko Solaris

Hotel Niko provides a pleasant and intimate atmosphere due to its position in the midst of lush vegetation. In addition to the hotel there is a large swimming pool and for those who enjoy more in the sea the beach is only a few minutes away.

Hotel Jakov

Hotel Jakov is located beside the water park in the resort, only about a hundred meters from the beach and boasts a cozy interior of classic design with lots of natural light. The hotel offers 2 smaller balconies and several bars and restaurants.

Solaris homes and bungalows

For all guests who want more privacy and want to avoid crowded hotels, Solaris offers caravans and bungalows in a pine forest by the sea. Solaris kamp kućice i bungalow

Solaris Beach

In the tourist resort Solaris on the shore 4 kilometers long you can find 5 attractive beach themes. The sandy beach in the central part of the resort is the largest and most attractive, up to the most content in the resort. The Solaris Club Beach is ideal for younger people who want to have cocktails on the beach with music in the background. In front of the Wellness and Spa center is Solaris Spa Beach. Solaris Family Beach is intended for families with children. Small pebbles and sharks are ideal for children. Solaris Camping Beach is part of the camping oasis, the nearest beach for guests staying in camps. Beach access is free.Solaris plažeBeach solaris sibenikBeach plaža solaris

Solaris Aqua Park - Water Park

The Solaris Water Park is certainly the favorite place for all kids in the resort. Numerous sledges, sprinklers, waterfalls, and swimming pools will delight all the kids. The water park extends to 8,000 square meters and can accommodate 1000 people at one time. The water park is not limited to children but many parents enjoy it. For the safety of children, numerous assisted rescuers are looked after so that parents can leave their children in the park and take care of other benefits of the settlement. 

Catering offer at Solaris Resort

The resort abounds in restaurants, cafes, clubs. Out of the restaurant offer, there are 5 restaurants outside the hotel, and each hotel has its own restaurant. The most popular and attractive restaurant in the Solaris resort is certainly Dalmatian Ethno Village. A wonderful stone ambience that will not leave anyone indifferent is an ideal place to taste Dalmatian specialties. Etno selo restoan solaris šibenikEtno restoran solaris

Contents in the Solaris resort

Dalmatian Ethno Village

Restaurant Trattoria Mediteraneo

Grill Restaurant Sibinum

Solaris Sweet Dreams Palace

Beach & Snack Bar Lantern

Beach & Snack Bar Sun

Beach Bar & Restoraunt Bongo

Fast Food Atlantis



Wine bar

Solaris Legend Beach Club

Solaris Palma Beach Club


Beach Bar Lagoon

Beach Club 55

Garden Bar

Captains' s club


Solaris Golf Park

Solaris Sport

Ball ball

Pirate Adventure Minigolf

Tennis Courts

Beach Valleyball





Kids Playground

Express Train

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