What to see on island Rab

# What to see on island Rab


Rab (otok Rab)

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We bring you a list of the most famous sights and locations you need to visit if you are on the island of Rab or nearby and suggesting what to do on the island of Rab or where to find apartments on island of Rab.

Beaches on Rab

Paradise Beach in Lopar is the most famous and the most beautiful beach on the island of Rab and one of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic coast. The beach is known for its size (about 2 km long), sandy bottom and very shallow, which helps to heat the sea temperature, which is on average a few degrees warmer than on other beaches. Because of the large sandy beaches on the beach, it is very popular to play volleyball on a beach whose beaches do not miss. In addition to sports activities there are a large number of catering establishments working in the summer and amenities for enjoying the beach. The beach is also popular with CNN among the top 100 world beaches.


Beach Pudarica is a sandy beach and the first beach to catch you if you come from a ferry from the port of Mišjak and is one of the most beautiful on the island of Rab. The beach leads to the beach so you can reach it by car. On the beach there is also the most popular night club on the island, Santos club.


Kozica beach is located at the foot of the gazebo between Supetar Draga and Lopar. The beach is pebble and is situated among low-lying vegetation. The beach is not easily accessible, you can sail by boat or you can go down to it if you come off the road on uneven terrain and on a large slope, but this is also a great beach advantage because summer is not too crowded, which is a challenge for those brave.

Nudist beaches on Rab

If you are a fan of naturism, Rab is the best place in Croatia for you due to the large number of nudist beaches. Here are some of them.

FKK Stolac Lopar Rab In Lopar on Rab you can find 3 nudist beaches, Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac. Stolac beach is located next to the Stolac islet, which is near the shore, and as the shallow beach can be walked to it. The beach is hidden among the rocks, providing privacy and the ground is sandy and rocky. The beach can only be reached by foot through the forest or boat. There is no content on the beach.

Sahara Rab FKK Sahara Beach is located in Lopar, on the island of Rab near one of the best beaches in Croatia - Paradise Beaches. The Sahara is a FKK, a nudist beach and is completely sandy. In the background of the beach is the pine forest that gives the beach a special experience and provides shade for guests who want to hide from the sun. There is no beach on the beach so you have to take it all with you.

Ciganka Beach Rab Ciganka is a sandy beach in Lopar on the island of Rab, one of the 3 nudist beaches in Lopar, near the Sahara and Stolac beaches. Gypsy is the northernmost of all three beaches, located about a kilometer and a half from Lopra, which is best known for its Paradise Beach, one of the most beautiful in Croatia.

Kandarola Beach is located on the western side of the island of Rab on Frkanj Peninsula, near the village of Kampor. The beach is said to be one of the oldest naturist beaches in Europe, and British King Edward VIII with his wife Walis Simpson was bathed on it, and some of the beaches are called the English Beach.


What to see on the island of Rab

The old town of Rab is the largest town on the island and the most spectacular part of the island of Rab with its beautiful old city core above which are built 4 bells that are the symbol of the city. The town consists of 7 settlements, Banjol, Kampor, Barbat on Rab, Mundanije, Palit, Rab and Supetarska Draga.

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