What to see around the Pula area

# What to see around the Pula area



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We bring you a list of the most famous sights and locations you need to visit if you are in Pula or in the surroundings of Pula as well as in Istria or where to find apartments in Pula.

Pula Surroundings - what to visit

The Brijuni National Park, although known as the residence of Marshal Josip Broz Tito, the president of former Yugoslavia, has far more to offer to its visitors. Only 3 km from the Istrian coast, Brijuni is an oasis of plant and animal life, consisting of about 700 species of plants and about 250 species of birds. Along with the specific fauna that has been created by cutting the forests and transforming them into a spacious meadows, there is also a flora that has had a major influence on the human factor that the animal world has enriched with many imported species that were originally not in this habitat. It can be said that the Brijuni represent harmony of nature and man's influence on it.


The Pula Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 2008, when it was registered at the initiative of the Istrian County. The museum still has its own museum building, but has been used for the Galery purpose-adapted space of Pula's Old Print, St. John 1, in Pula, which was handed over to the Museum of the City of Pula for use for 10 years by the Agreement on the Use of Old Printing on 01 June 2011.


Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria Pula. It is a specialized museum of regional scope. The museum works as a public cultural and scientific institution, performing museum activities according to the Museums Act in the Republic of Croatia and operates in the area of the Istrian County. The historical and maritime museum of Istria is located in the Venetian fortress, that is, the old Kaštela dating back to the 17th century. The Kaštel was built by the authorities of the Venetian Republic, with the aim of defending its holdings in southern Istria.

Euphrasius Basilica in Poreč began with construction in 553 and is one of the oldest and most beautiful preserved monuments of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean. Today it is considered the most beautiful preserved monument of early-art art in the Mediterranean. The basilica was built in the 6th century at the time of the Bishop Euphrasia and Emperor Justinian I. The importance of this basilica is enough to be said by the fact that in 1997 the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Beaches in Pula and the surrounding area of Pula

Amber Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pula, located in the tourist area of Verudela, on the western side of the peninsula and continues on the Brioni beach. Nearby is the popular Puljska beach Hajvajka. From the center of Pula is about 4 kilometers away. The beach has a blue flag for the purity of the sea, the neatness of the beach and the offer. Because of the gentle entrances to the sea, Ambrel pebbles are very popular for families with children. On the beach you can rent sun umbrellas and sun loungers and enjoy various sports and adrenaline activities. If you are a little away from the central part of the pebble beach you can find shade in the nearby pine forest, in these parts is a rocky beach with smaller pebble beaches.


Beach Grotte Von Pula The sheltered beach in Mužilj bay is a natural environment that many love and appreciate. Access to the beach comes from a forest, a small trail leading to the pebble beach. The beach is mostly rocky, with side but accessible and suitable for sunbathing. They want to come here adventurers, people who do not suffer big crowds and lovers in untouched nature. The sea is extremely clean, pleasantly warm and beautiful in color. Rocks underwater give a reflection that revives the shades of blue and green.

Sv. Ivan Pula is located on the same name Cape and is in contact with the sea from Sveti Ivan bay. It is very beautiful, clean and well-equipped. This beach is popular, which is not surprising given the location. All this part of Pula is well-visited, and so is the surrounding beaches. Beach St. Ivan is made up of tiny gravel that can still be found by straying slightly larger junctions. The sea is very clean and beautiful. It is comfortable for swimming, and access to the sea is easy and convenient for all people.


Beaches in the vicinity of Pula

Beach - Klančac bay Brseč is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. A beautiful small beach with clear waters with a gentle incline. There are no service facilities on the beach and there is no parking space close to the beach. On three sides surrounded by rocks, on the floor white pebbly floating glaciers immersing in the crystal clear greenish sea.


In the vicinity of Rakalj there is the beach Luka. It is located in a cove, made of medium-sized cobblestones and bordered by rocks. The beach is beautiful, in a natural setting separated from the settlement. What we can particularly point out is why our beach is the recognizable old wreck of a fishing boat located in a shallow spot, few meters from the shore.

Kamenjak Beach Premantura This beach fully describes its name - Kamenjak is just a stone beach, more accurately rocky rocks. You can reach the beach by a car, which you leave on the elevation and continue to the beach on foot. When you descend to the sea, you will be greeted by large stone surfaces, and of course the sea that touches them.


Guboka beach Rabac Labin is located in a completely natural setting, close to Sveta Marina beach. You will come to the trail through the woods and deep shade. The beach itself is made of gravel, it is very beautiful and clean. The sea here is calm, comfortable warm and extremely clean. On the side is the rocky coastline overgrown in the greenery, which gives an excellent contrast to the blue sea colors.

Cities near Pula

Rovinj and Poreč. Rovinj is located about 30 kilometers north of Pula together with Porec (located about 50 kilometers north of Pula) is the strongest tourist center of Istria and one of the strongest in the Adriatic. Both cities are rich in their cultural and historical sights and strong tourist offer.

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