Mount Srđ above Dubrovnik - A car on foot or a jet, enjoy the panorama

# Mount Srđ above Dubrovnik - A car on foot or a jet, enjoy the panorama

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If we talk about the natural beauty of Dubrovnik, in this case it is worth mentioning also the hill Srđ. It is located on the north side, and the highest peak is 415 meters above sea level.
The hill was named after the earliest patron of Dubrovnik, Srđ. St. George was the patron of the city even before St. Augustine. Vlach which today is celebrated by the people of Dubrovnik.

Mount Srđ is located above the city of Dubrovnik, and slopes are descended to the sea and the city of Dubrovnik.

Since ancient times, this natural hilly terrain has protected the city of Dubrovnik from the bura, but also the invasion of various conquerors who have repeatedly tried to conquer the then republic of Dubrovnik. On the hill, after Napoleon's army overthrowed the city of Dubrovnik, the Imperial fort building began. The construction was completed by Austro-Hungarian, with the aim of establishing a strategic defense object for the city on its northern side.

Kako do Srđa?

During the Homeland War Fortress Imperial played the most important role since its construction. In the fort and around it were the defensive positions of the Croatian Army, where the brave defenders successfully resisted the ferocious attacks of the Serb-Chetnik Army and the JNA.

On October 1, 1991, the enemy air force of the JNA rocketed the transmitter of the HRT, which was on the western side of the fort. On 6 December 1991, during the hardest attack on Dubrovnik, the enemy army, with the support of the JRM, managed to reach the imperial fort, but the defenders of Srebrenica, assisted by artillery fire, succeeded in defeating the fort, and the city itself Dubrovnik from the occupation. During this attack, one of the monuments on the hill, a stone cross that was replaced in 1997 by a new one, was destroyed.

Homeland War Museum

Today, the Museum of the Homeland War is on Srbija in the Imperial fortress. The museum is dedicated to defending Dubrovnik during the Homeland War. Documents, art and documentary photography, printed materials, weapons, mining explosives, war maps and commands are exhibited in the museum. You can also look at parts of military equipment, items from everyday life of Dubrovnik and defenders in an aggressive environment. The museum has authentic recordings and video materials, war battalions of troops, original stripe of Srdja from 1991, minefield plans, war diaries, and other items from that period.

Of course you must visit, of course, the Imperial fortress. Apart from the rich exhibits in the museum, Srda will also enchant you with a panoramic view of Dubrovnik. Many say that the view of the sunset is enchanting, and it is the most beautiful in the world. Who can come in the daylight. Climbing on Srđ is a special experience and many have testified to it.

How to reach Srđ - Climbing on Srđ

You can climb on Srđ, on foot, on small goat tracks, by a car through a curvy road or by a cable car. If you are tired, there is a catering facility with food and drink that will combine you with a spectacular view, to return to life. The pictures you make on Srđ, in a natural environment, with Dubrovnik and the sea in the back, will keep you in a beautiful memory of your whole life.

Dubrovnik - Srđ pješke - hiking trail

If you are a hiking and hiking fan and you are in Dubrovnik, the path from Orlando Stupa to the top Srđa is ideal for you. On this trail you will pass a great number of sights in Dubrovnik and you will come to the beautiful viewpoint from which you can see the whole city. The difference in altitude is 400 meters. You can find the Datalian course plan at the following link:

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