National Park Risnjak Croatia

# National Park Risnjak Croatia

Gorska Hrvatska


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National Park RisnjakThe National Park Risnjak is located in Gorski Kotar, which was founded in 1953. The par occupies an area of ​​3041 hectares. The park is made up of a massive mountain of the same name. The top of Risnjak Mountain is 1528 meters above sea level. The original boundary of the park was changed in 1997, when the area was enlarged to the present 6400 hectares, when the river Kpe River is included in the boundaries of the park.

Planning in Risnjak Park

Many guests visit the park for hiking, which is possible in several directions. If you want true mountaineering experience, you can start your trip from the direction of the National Park Management Board in White Vodice, from the direction of Gornji Jelenja or from the direction of Platka. The parks are divided into a strict protection zone and a protected area. The riskier NP Risnjak is rich in natural sights and rare beauties, due to which the narrower zone is included in the highest level of protected nature. Although the natural phenomenon, NP Risnjak is one of the fewer visited national parks in Croatia. It is not so popular, not because of its smaller values, but because of its special nature (mild natural beauty), which you should know to feel and wish to experience. Tourists, by general definition, are rare residents of Risnjak Park, but will come true lovers of nature and natural beauty . They will fully enjoy the luxuries of the untouched nature and beauty of this area. Visit Risnjak for a few days in the Risnjak Park, you can choose to stay in one of the mountain houses. The houses are located within the park, and are built according to the location surrounding them. Wooden homes, with sharp roofs, fit best into the environment. Although the park is less crowded than other Croatian parks, you should book it in advance because the free bed is always requested. Apart from private accommodation in mountain lodges, you can also stay at the National Park Risnjak. The pension is located right next to the Park Management in the village of Crni Lug. The pension capacity of the pension is: five double rooms, and guests are offered a rich menu of local cuisine. You can enjoy specialties in the restaurant of the boarding house. especially the game of wild game, spurts or blueberry pancakes. The property has a terrace that will be an ideal place during hot summer days. From the terrace you can see the nearby lakes and the surrounding greenery. We can not mention the Alpine Lodge Josip Schlosser Klekovski. The house is located at the foot of the Risnjak hill, and it has as many as 43 beds. The Risks and Risks of the NP Risnjak is pleasant and special due to the influence of the Adriatic and continental climatic features. In the area of ​​the park, two completely different climates merge and form a special kind. Temperatures are pleasant, moderately warm for summer months, with snowy and cold winter months. Natural features of Risnjak National ParkThe area's park can be described as a typical karst landscape. Formations are what form valleys and ponies with special microclimate. It is an ideal place for a variety of plant and animal species. Visit Risnjak at any time of year. This is a park created for true nature lovers, and they will know how to enjoy, whether they come during spring and summer greenery or during white snow covers.National Park Risnjak interestingly Animals in the Risnjak National Park


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