Dalmatian Etno Village Solaris, Šibenik

# Dalmatian Etno Village Solaris, Šibenik

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20.07.2017. 12:53 dodajeIvan

Dalmatian ethno village is a unique attraction of Croatian tourist offer. This decorated space, with all its backyard facilities, is at the heart of the Solaris Beach Resource, which we have already written about.
Its stone paved courtyards and stone houses reveal a whole new world. In fact, they reveal the world of past times, today almost forgotten. This is an opportunity to remind yourself of some things from the time since the beginning of a hundred years.

The door to Dalmatian ethno village is open to everyone. Particular attention will be given to people who love and respect the quality of the offer, while at the same time value deeply rooted Dalmatian tradition.

Guests of the ethno village can enjoy the scent and the taste of warm homemade bread baked in a baking oven. The wheat and the corn from which the bread is made is torn down in hundreds of years old mills at the beginning of the village. In a stone pond, in a 2-liter boiler, homemade brandy of Dalmatian beef is baked. Wine lovers will also be delighted, especially if you visit a tavern with a large selection of local wines, and a distinctive smell of wooden barrels.

The ethno village in its yard has a centuries-old olive grove where olive oil of extraordinary quality is still produced today. In addition, there are 1500 olive trees planted in the Solaris Beach Resource area, among which are a thousand-year-old trunk from an ancient olive grove on the coast in front of Ethno Village. Just from these trees you can taste the quality oil you can taste in the tavern if you order some specialty.

To prepare delicious dishes, we use vegetables and spices from organic cultivation planted in the garden surrounding the Dalmatian ethno village.

Visit Dalmatian Ethno Village

This beautiful ambience is just a few steps from the sea, and various events and events are held there.

Here you can experience Dalmatia and Dalmatian customs from some of the earlier times. If you want to see how the houses once looked, how they were built and how they were decorated inside, visit the ethno village and find out all about it.

Solaris Beach Resort in Sibenik has built and opened for its guests a really special ambience. Here you can enjoy the traditional details of the Dalmatian village in the way it once seemed. The rocky village was built on the site of the former Dalmatian village, and today it is completely adapted to tourists and among the most significant tourist attractions of Sibenik.

Today, the ethno village is perhaps the most recognizable Solaris brand, which reveals to its visitors a whole new world. The world has been from the past, which has almost completely lost itself today. You can come back here in the time that our old people lived, 100 years or more.

Familiarize yourself with the Dalmatian tradition, the old customs and the way of life that once lived in Dalmatia.

Looking at the centuries-old mills that are in operation, you will learn how to make flour first and how to bake the bread under the bakery. In Tkaonica you can see the work of the loom, and you will also have the opportunity to make your own souvenir yourself. For all lovers of brandy there is a sheep in which to show you the way in which brandy is produced. Additionally, you have the opportunity to taste top quality home-made wine.

We know that olive is an integral part of every Dalmatian life, so it is no surprise that the ethno village also has a traditional olive grove in which quality olive oil is today.

During the summer evenings, presentations of souvenirs, tasting of autochthonous wines of the Šibenik region and a multitude of ethno programs are organized on a daily basis. In traditional taverns you can enjoy warm homemade bread in the bowl, homemade ham and cheese, meat, fish and vegetarian recipes. All dishes are prepared in the traditional way and by traditional recipes. Every night you can enjoy the songs of the klapa, and we especially want to boast of the fact that everything, of course, can be produced in the village itself. From vegetables, brandy, jams to your own bread.

The Dalmatian village can be seen, so we have specially organized countryside tours.

We use the opportunity to write at least part of the ethno village offer:

Warm domestic bread under the bakery from its own baker

Homemade ham and cheese

Siberian sword (meat, fish and vegetarian)

Grilled meals and under the bake

Fish specialties from the grill

We offer:

To see you can:

Centenary mills - production of own flour and bread under the bake

Evening Summer Program (presentations of souvenir production, tasting of autochthonous wines of Sibenik region, ethnoprograms etc.)

Tkaonica with the ability to create your own souvenir

Peanut for brandy production

Olive oil for the production of its own olive oil

Souvenir shop with authentic Dalmatian and Croatian souvenirs

On this occasion we invite you to come and enjoy the beautifully landscaped space, and of course learn something about the time behind us. We are confident that your stay will be complete, with great pleasure and you will come to another occasion.

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