Zaton (Dubrovnik) hidden Beaches

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Stijene Pasjača Beach Popovići Croatia
The Pasjača Beach, or the Old Rock of Pasjača, is a place seemingly unattractive but can still come and enjoy it. Whoever loves a natural environment, a little privacy and less crowds, let it come to our beach and enjoy your vacation. The beach is very isolated, but it still has a small pedestrian...
Samograd beach cove Korčula pictures Croatia
The beach Samograd bay is located on the northeastern side of the island of Korcula near the town of Racisce only 500 meters away from the cove of Vaje, which we have already written. This beautiful gravel bay is connected by a road with Racisce, from which it is about 2 kilometers away. The...
Beach Vaja Korčula, Račišće
Kremena Beach - Žuljana
Bačva Beach, Pupnat Korčula Pictures
Sjekirica Beach - Brsečine
Pogledajte plaže za grad/mjesto Zaton (Dubrovnik)
Zaton Veliki Beach - Zaton Dubrovnik
In the beautiful bay of the Adriatic Sea, opposite to Dubrovnik, is the beach Zaton Veliki. The gravel is small gravel, idyllic coves and natural shade. The beach is suitable for families and couples, but everyone else can come to it. Near the beach you have parking places, benches, and a rich...
Beach Štikovica Zaton Dubrovnik
Štikovica Beach is one of the most popular, beautifully decorated and well-equipped. It is made of thicker pebbles, very clean with a quiet sea front. There is no shade on the beach, but this is not a problem as you can rent sunshades. The beach is dominated by deck chairs of numerous...