Zadar Waterfalls - Waterfalls near Zadar

# Zadar Waterfalls - Waterfalls near Zadar

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If you are looking for waterfalls and you are in Zadar or near Zadar, the place that will delight you is the National Park Krka. The Krka National Park is about 70 kilometers from Zadar, next to the beautiful Skradin town. Skradin is a small river town with stone houses. It is possible to visit the National Park by boat or pedestrian - cycling trail from Skradin. Skradin - Krka National Park runs daily from April to October. Every full hour the ship leaves from Skradin, and the return is 30 minutes later. For example, from Skradin to NP starts at 13:00, 14:00, etc. and the return is at 13:30, 14:30.

The tour of Krka waterfalls provides true experience - boat ride to Krka National Park offers many beautiful views of numerous waterfalls and amazing views.

Krka National Park is located near the historic city of Sibenik. The national park is dominated by waterfalls, numerous lakes and 14th century fortresses with the remains of the Roman aqueduct and camps. The river flows through the park and creates a 75 km long canyon that flows into the Adriatic Sea near Sibenik. Krka was declared a national park in 1985, and most famous are the waterfalls: Skradinski buk, Roški slap, Manojlovac, Miljacka slap. The Hydroelectric Dam located beneath the Skradinski buk is another such hydro dam in the world, built only two days after the dam of the hydro power plant on the Nijarar waterfalls in 1895.zadar waterfalls

NP Krka has a rich gastronomic offer so you can try local specialties from which you definitely can not miss prosciutto and cheese.

Along the trail stretching across the entire national park, there are educational booths where you can read numerous interesting things that connect with Krk.

About the values that NP Krka has to offer could write a whole book, if not more, but nothing can replace the indisputable experience of excursions to this national park.

National Park Krka from Zadar - map

Krka National Park is named after the river Krka, which is an integral part of the park. Rijeka, through its passage through nature, has a beautiful atmosphere, in some places and waterfalls that just fascinate. By waterfalls the park is well-known, so it is most visited in the summer months, in the heat of the day. Many come here to cool, but also to enjoy the natural greenery of the surrounding crowns and the blue and green colors of the Krka River.

Np krka zadar

Plitvice National Park waterfalls

Plitvice National Park or Plitvice Lakes is the largest known park of NP Krka. It is actually the most visited National Park in Croatia and one of the symbols of Croatia. It is about 120 kilometers from Zadar, but if you have the time and the possibilities, it is definitely a recommendation to visit it. The park visits almost 2 million tourists annually enough to speak for themselves.

It is a forested mountainous area through which, below one another, sixteen beautiful lakes and crystalline blue-colored lakes. Water filled with many streams and streams, are interconnected by sparkling cascades and forest waterfalls. During the millennia the water of these lakes has violated, corroded, and the solvents of the rocks and rocks that it ran.

Apart from beautiful waterfalls and nature at its best, Plitvice Lakes delight tourists and other specialties. Like the wealth of plant and animal species, as well as the possibilities of active vacation in the wonder created by nature.

Jezera, the 16th, gives tourists an unrepeatable feeling. On one side, untouched forests, with the other sound of waterfalls to be felt, because its magic can not be spotted even through modern technology. On the one hand pure nature in its primordial form, with the diversity of flora and fauna. Finally, and the crowds of tourists that further enhance the impression of the beauty of Plitvice.


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