Punta Rata Beach in Brela Croatia

# Punta Rata Beach in Brela Croatia

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25.08.2017. 10:34 dodajeIvan

Punta Rata Beach is one of the nicest in the world and certainly among the most famous beaches. These are quite enough reasons to visit this beach at the first opportunity.
If you have decided to come to the small town of Brela, a little north of Makarska, then come to this beach and see first hand what kind of beach we are writing.

Many world portals set this beach and put it on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So it is not just ours, perhaps subjective thinking, but it is a world affair.

Beach Punta Rata Brela

What do you say about the beach of Punta Rata?

The Punta War was found on the list of 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On this list our beach was placed by the planetally popular American magazine Forbes. Apart from being amongst the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, this same magazine has decorated our beach with the title of the most beautiful beach in Europe.

The pebble beach with crystal-clear colors of the sea is located in a protected area with a pine-covered top.

If we consider that the Punta Rat was on the list among the popularly known world beaches of Copacabana, St. Tropez, the Costa del Sol, and the exotic beaches of the distant Maldives, then the title we are certainly worth of attention.

The Huffington Post, an American portal, declared the destination of Brela in 2014. In a fragment of the written text, the author of this article simply suggested that everyone jump on the plane as soon as possible and first visit Croatia.


Punta Rata Beach is the winner of many awards in Croatia

On the west side of the beach is Kamen Brela. This is today the symbol of this place and the most common motif is the postcards of Brela and Croatia. The rock is covered with pines that are proudly elevated by showing their beauty, but also the strength, power, and defiance that grow from the stone itself.

Brela is a place where the natural beauty and activities of a man living in this area are very well matched. Particular care is taken to preserve nature. Today's success is spectacular, and the proud ones most need to be the locals of Brela, who take care of their environment every day.

This part of Brela belongs to a protected area

Punta Rata Beach is pebbly. Surrounded by beautiful pine trees, the sea is always crystal clear. The beach is awarded with the Blue Flag, which is a symbol of quality of content and quality of the sea. It is recognizable by a unique, naturally-created detail - a rope rising from the sea.

Besides the natural beauties, there is a good offer of entertainment on the beach, as well as the possibility of refreshment and rest on one of the nearby terraces.

At the beach you can rent sports equipment, and most often there are beach volleyball, tennis, mini soccer, parasailing, banana rides and other less-favored sports events. During the great hot refreshments you can find in a large number of cafes and restaurants with extraordinary offer. For all-day peace and enjoyment under a strong sun, it would be best to rent a sunbath and enjoy it. If you do not want to stay under the umbrella, just walk a few steps to the shade of nearby pine woods.

Places nearby: Mačíć Caffe Bar (50 m), Restaurant Punta Rata (100 m), Bluesun Hotel Maestral *** (200 m), Bluesun Hotel Marina (200 m)

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