Duga Uvala Nudist FKK Beaches

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FKK Koversada Beach in Vrsar pictures
One of these is the oldest beach in Vrsar. Next to the beach is the camp of the same name, known for its naturist holiday. The beach is located along the Lim Channel, it is about 5 kilometers long and is quite colorful. In some places the beach is gravelly sandy, while some of the pebble and...
Naturist Beach Solaris Vabriga Poreč
There is also this beautiful beach in Istria. It is very spacious and well decorated. It is suitable for all persons, especially for stone covered areas, and nicely decorated pebbles. The beach has a rocky surface, but there is some resting there. There is a beach of Solaris along the small...
Nudist FKK beach Veštar Rovinj
Nudist FKK Valalta camp and beach Rovinj
Naturist beach and camp Ulika FKK
Punta Križ FKK Beach Rovinj - photo video
Pogledajte plaže za grad/mjesto Duga Uvala
Duga Uvala beach Istria Croatia
Duga Uvala Beach is located in front of Hotel Croatia. The beach is located in an idyllic bay and offers many recreational facilities provided by the hotel, restaurants, beach bars, shops, internet cafes, various water sports and other activities, and the most popular of children is a small...
Beach Prklog Duga Luka Croatia
Prklog Beach is located in Dugi Uvala in Istria. It is a large and wild beach without much content on it. It is exceptionally shallow, the bottom is a mixture of gravel and sludge.